Mobile Vehicle Access Barriers

If you need vehicle access control on a temporary or medium term basis, our barriers can help. From a University Sporting event that needs vehicle access control to a petrochemical plant that needs vehicle access control for a remote entrance. ARX Perimeter Rental can provide mobile vehicle access barriers that can be rapidly deployed and de-mobilized to suit your need. Please contact us to ask how.


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ARX Perimeter Fence System

Our mobile high security fence system offers a much higher level of security than any other mobile fence system in the market place. Our modular design allows for the system to be built upon to achieve the level of security you need.  Whether it be a university sporting event or a critical infrastructure construction site, the ARX system is where you need to place your trust. Patent Pending © Wandering Vision LLC 2018

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Pedestrian / Bike Rack Barricade

Pedestrian / Bike Rack barricade is a very dependable way of managing crowds and keeping order. We stock thousands of feet of barriers that can be deployed as required when needed.

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Why our Layered Perimeter security systems can make a difference in your application.

Due to the unique ARX High Security Rental Fence system and our our Mobile Vehicle Barrier Rentals, we offer the most secure layered perimeter rental system available today. With accessories such as intrusion detection systems, vehicle gates, man gates, guard towers, lighting and razor wire, our system has the most versatile options available today. Whether your application is as simple as a fence hopping prevention measure at a music festival or as difficult as a refugee camp or penal facility in a hostile environment, our ARX mobile fence system will suit your needs.

Our can-do attitude and "Let's make it happen" philosophy is what truly makes us different in today's corporate and governmental red tape world. We can and do make it happen when and where you need a secure, mobile and temporary perimeter system. Patent Pending © Wandering Vision LLC 2018




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