Our Approach

Our philosophy is one that is based on "finding a way" and "figuring it out". We will rarely say "We can't do that". If we must, it will always be followed by a "but we can do this" and work together to offer solutions to our client's needs. We believe that honesty and doing what we say we will do is what really matters. Every time, no exceptions.


Our Story

We started with an idea of filling a need that had not been recognized, a rental fence that offers true high security aspects. There are other fence companies out there; we wanted to be unique from the beginning and offer a complete perimeter security system that includes additional layers of protection. Our adaptable intuitive designs share a philosophy of interchangeable components and of simple, elegant design. We have thoughtfully designed every component for strength and utility.

We have launched and built companies that became industry leaders in their fields.  These successful firms share the common theme of rental. From Beer Kegs to Rental Chairs, and now perimeter security systems, we know rental and how to make things happen for our clients whenever and wherever they need.

Next Steps...

Let us know your perimeter security requirements. From high security mobile fence systems with remote intrusion detection to portable vehicle barriers, we can provide a layered perimeter defense system both in the USA and the UK/EU.  Our systems are used at events such as G20 Summits and music festivals, military deployments as well as critical utilities infrastructure protection. We can handle most any need, please contact us and let us know your requirements. Click here to email us: info@ARXperimeterrental.com