Portable Vehicle Barrier Rental

Portable Vehicle Barrier Rental is becoming a necessity in today's security environment. We provide rapid deployment (15 minutes) without the need for excavation and for use on virtually any stable surface. Establishing a secure vehicle perimeter has never been easier. Weekly, monthly and long-term rentals are available

Mobile High Security Fencing Rental

Mobile high security fencing in 8' (2.4M) or 12' (3.6M) tall with anti-scaling mesh and an anti-tunneling base. Solid panels for concealment and ballistic protective panels are additional options. Elevated (8') catwalk and fully remote, monitored intrusion detection systems, are also available. A truly adaptable fence to almost any situational need.

Patent Pending © Wandering Vision LLC 2018

Pedestrian barricades / Bike Rack Barricade Rental

Pedestrian Barricades / Bike Rack Barricade Rental. If you need 8' or 8 miles of pedestrian barricades, we have it in stock, ready to deploy for your needs. We have the newest design in pedestrian barricades, a product that strikes a great balance between strength and weight.

Why ARX ?

The ARX High Security Rental Fence system is the most secure portable rental system in the market. With our relationship with Delta Scientific Vehicle Barriers and our own in-house fabrication facilities on 2 continents, our ability to offer a layered complete high security system to fit the threat need you may have is unmatched in any combination. Anytime, Anywhere. Patent Pending © Wandering Vision LLC 2018

We have what you need and can mobilize to get it where you need it when you need it.

Our Logistics professionals can get you ARX mobile barriers and fence where you need & when you need it.

Next Steps...

Please contact me regarding ARX mobile barriers and ARX mobile high security fence systems.